Why this project? Why now?

As artists and advocates for social justice, we have witnessed the transformative power of art. There Is A Field is a story of how a Palestinian family journeys through grief after their young son, Aseel, is killed by Israeli police forces. While offering an intimate view into the racism and violence faced by Palestinian citizens of Israel, the play transcends any particular time or place to reflect on oppressions in Israel/Palestine, the United States, and around the world.

The tour coincides with the 40th anniversary of Land Day, an annual commemoration of land dispossessions and the killings of Palestinian citizens of Israel in 1976.

And, the play emerges at a critical juncture of unprecedented mobilization for the rights of Palestinians, for Black-Palestinian solidarity, and for transnational movement-building against supremacy and state-sanctioned violence. Aseel’s life and murder, which highlights both entrenched inequality and the impunity of the State of Israel, contributes to the vital and growing national conversation around the systematic devaluation of Black life in the United States.from ferguson to palestine

And as traditional systems of justice continue to violate the rights of minority and marginalized communities, theater can offer an alternative forum for truth-telling and accountability. Through Aseel’s story, audience members will grapple with the search for justice, and together consider ways to strengthen intersectional movements for social transformation.