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How a New York Play Links Black Lives Matter to Palestinians’ Suffering
by Amira Hass
May 2, 2016

Blurring the lines between Palestine and Baltimore
by Noa Yachot
April 3, 2016

There is A Field: State Violence at Home and Abroad
By Chase Quinn, Center for Constitutional Rights


“There Is A Field is very moving and humanizing of the ongoing situation in Palestine/Israel.  The play also provides an uncomfortable mirror image of what’s going on in this country with the militarization of local police and the knee jerk acts of violence committed against African Americans.”
-Linda Chapman, Associate Artistic Director, New York Theatre Workshop

“There Is A Field epitomizes what politically engaged art should be. Every scene pulls you in emotionally and intellectually – challenging and inspiring audiences to go deeper toward the struggle for justice for all people in Palestine and Israel.”
-Ari Wohlfeiler, Deputy Director, Jewish Voice for Peace

“Palestinian citizens of Israel have long engaged in creatively resisting the erasure of their identity from within the confines of an apartheid state that regards them as second or third class citizens, or as a fifth column. Jen Marlowe’s There Is A Field helps salvage a key moment in that all too often overlooked chapter of the Palestinian story by focusing on the life and tragic death of a teenage Palestinian-Israeli activist. Marlowe’s moving piece is a valuable addition to any conversation about achieving a lasting peace based on truth and justice.”
-Ismail Khalidi, Palestinian-American playwright and editor of the anthology Inside/Outside: Six Plays From Palestine and the Diaspora

 “In this nation, where we know all too well the way systemic injustice steals so many lives, There Is A Field allows us to connect with the stories of those facing the same devastation in Palestine. Our pain connects us, our liberation awaits us.”
-Ahmad Abuznaid, Co-Founder, Dream Defenders


“Through one family, There Is A Field tells the story of an entire generation – its aspirations and dashed hopes, and the failings of a justice system rigged against it. Playwright Jen Marlowe does a wonderful job situating the intimate experiences of the heartbroken Asleh family against a national struggle for accountability, and she does so with tenderness and even humor. Anyone who cares about justice should see this play.”
-Noa Yachot, +972mag