There Is A Field is a documentary-style play about Aseel Asleh, a 17-year old Palestinian citizen of Israel who was shot and killed during the Second Intifada in October 2000. The play is told from the perspective of Aseel’s older sister, Nardeen, and is based on 15 years of interviews and primary sources. Through Nardeen’s struggle to cope with the murder of her brother, the play also addresses the larger struggle facing Palestinians inside Israel.

There Is A Field was launched as a university tour in March/April 2016, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Land Day, an annual commemoration of land dispossessions and the killings of Palestinian citizens of Israel in 1976. There Is A Field performed 24 times across ten states. The tour was undertaken with the leadership of ten partner organizations, and 52 student leaders from 33 different campus organizations. Every performance was followed by an in-depth post play discussion, highlighting parallels of state violence and structural racism in Israel and in the United States.

For more information about the 2016 Land Day Tour, please click here.

Building on the success and power of the Land Day Tour, Donkeysaddle Projects expanded the project to further support transnational movement building among communities engaged in struggles for liberation and equality.

In 2017, There Is A Field (TIAF) Residency Program was launched Using the play There Is A Field as a framework, participants deepened their understanding of state violence and structural racism. Through facilitated workshops participants had the opportunity to critically examine structures of power and privilege, both in Israel/Palestine, and at home. The residencies culminated in the participants performing a staged reading of There Is A Field for their wider community. For more information about the TIAF Residency Program, please click here.

The mission of the residency is to have participants examine parallels between Israel and the U.S. in relation to state violence, white/Jewish supremacy and structural inequality. By the end of the residency, participants will have a deeper understanding about Palestine/Israel, a strengthened analysis around intersectional oppression and freedom struggles. Over the course of the residency week participants engage in discourse while exploring the role of oppression in our daily lives. Using the play as a guide, participants learn about the realities facing Palestinians, and begin to understand the nuances, similarities and connections within our struggles.
In addition to the residencies, there will continue to be professionally acted staged readings of There Is A Field, as well as community and university performances. For more information about staged readings, please click here.