About There Is A Field

As the Second Intifada erupted in the West Bank and Gaza, demonstrations also began in Palestinian villages and towns inside Israel. In October 2000, Israeli forces killed thirteen unarmed Palestinians in these demonstrations.

The youngest of those killed was a 17-year old boy named Aseel Asleh. Aseel was shot point blank in the neck by Israeli police while nonviolently demonstrating outside his village.

There Is A Field is a documentary-style play about Aseel’s life and his killing, told from the perspective of his older sister, Nardeen. Through Nardeen’s struggle to cope with the murder of her brother, the play also addresses the larger struggle facing Palestinians inside Israel

Based on interviews and primary sources collected over 15 years, the play offers a uniquely personal lens for understanding inequality as the root of state violence and impunity. Audiences throughout the United States will find particular resonance with themes raised by Aseel’s life and murder, and post-play discussions and actions will create space to further explore connections and build solidarity across universal struggles for liberation and equality.