2017-2018 Community Residencies

Teams of Arab American and Black American theatre artists will lead 3-5 day residencies with communities across the U.S., in partnership with our partner organizations. These residencies will offer communities an opportunity to deeply engage with issues related to Palestine, and the connections these issues have to their own lives and stories.

Our priority is to work with communities who experience disproportionate state violence and structural inequality here in the U.S.,  including Black, Latinx, immigrant, indigenous and prison communities.

Through drawing connections between the state violence and white supremacy experienced by marginalized communities in the U.S. with that experienced by Palestinians, participants will strengthen intersectional movements for social transformation. The residencies will go beyond an exploration of interconnected oppressions, and will deeply explore the next question: if oppressions are interconnected, how might struggles for liberation, equality and justice also be interconnected?

The residencies will consist of the following elements:

  • Rehearsals for a Performance-Reading of There Is A Field, to be performed by members of the community
  • Discussions and workshops educating around Palestine/Israel and the ways in which oppressions experienced there are connected to oppressions experienced in the U.S.
  • Discussion and workshops centered on intersectional movement building, expanding on the burgeoning movement for Black-Palestinian solidarity Performance-Reading of There Is A Field for the broader community
  • A large workshop for the broader community wherein community members tell their own stories, building off the themes surfaced in There Is A Field

For more information on the There Is A Field residencies and to bring one to your community, please contact Brittany King20170430_174342

2017-2018 Communiy Residencies:

January 23-28 2017 Gainesville, FL

April 5-9 2017 Hudson Valley, NY

April 20-23 2017 Miami, FL

April 27-30 2017 Fort Lauderdale, FL

May 4-7 2017 Saint Petersburg, FL

May 18-21 2017 New York City, NY

February 5-11 2018 Sarasota, FL